The Discarded

Ellis Neill wakes up next to his family one morning, just as he had done for the last ten years, unaware that it would be his last taste of freedom. His life soon spirals out of control and he is cast into a remote prison in the Arctic wilderness where nothing is as it seems, the inmates rule and a sinister figure wants him and his family dead. Resulting from carefully laid plans he is plunged into a fight for survival, sanity and saving those he loves.

Reviews for The Discarded

“Intense, twisted, suspenseful.” – Allyson Kocour. (Instagram @thebookishmama)

“A nail-biting, page turner.” – Melanie Peters. (Amazon Review)

“Thought provoking and powerful, perfectly executed and thoroughly entertaining.” – Laura Duffy. (Instagram @thebookishhermit)

“Incredible! One of the most fast-paced thrillers I’ve read this year. Hooked from page one.” – Erica Factor. (Instagram @overbookedwitherica)

“This book was such a page turner and so brilliantly done, it felt like I was sitting in prison right next to Ellis. The detail was exquisite and the ending wasn’t what I expected at all. Love a surprise twist ending!” – Shemri Harris. (Instagram @reeree.reads)

“This was a great, action-packed read. I absolutely loved loved the wintry setting and the remote prison in the Arctic wilderness was a cherry on top for me!” – Jennifer Love (Goodreads)

“This is a fast paced book and the deeper you get into the story, the more twists, turns and surprises you’ll find. I can’t wait to see what Louis comes up with next.” – Tina Simpson (Goodreads)

New Thriller Novel (Winter 2022)

Marine Biologist Dr. Maggie Reid sets sail for the Puerto Rico trench where destiny and a brand new species wait to be discovered, which she hopes will provide a glimmer of light into her tumultuous personal life. Also aboard the sate-of-the-art research vessel is Jamie Wentworth, who is on the run from her past and Robert Francis who has more than one cross to bear. Then there is the antagonistic Captain Rennie who has a score to settle and the mysterious ex-Soviet era engineer, Mr Chaika, among others. It seems that everyone on board has a secret they are desperate to hide.

In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, they rescue an unconscious woman floating in a tattered lifeboat. When she eventually comes around, her story seems too strange to be true. This sends the crew into disarray, and soon after her arrival things begin to turn deadly aboard the RRS Pioneer.

About the Author

Louis van Schalkwyk was born in South Africa and currently resides in Hong Kong. “The Discarded” is his debut novel, inspired by years honing his writing skills and drawing influence from his favorite authors. When Louis isn’t writing he enjoys reading and sampling various cuisines with his wife, Courtney.

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